top 3.

i saw adele at the ogden last night, and it changed. my. life.
it was definitely in my top 3 concerts of life.
(the weepies and jonsi in close competition)

why so great, you ask?
here are 10 reasons why...

1. the tickets were free.
yeah, so, remember that time they didn't let us into the arcade fire concert because our tickets didn't work?
word to the wise if you mention the word "lawyer" when talking to a ticketing company that totally dropped the ball, they will probably give you some tickets for free. possibly even to two shows of your choosing.
(mr. lesley and i are still deciding what concert we want to go to VIP style!)


2. calley and i found a perfect spot right in the front.

3. adele is the epitome of cool. and she's only 23. can you believe it? 
(i know she named her albums after her ages...19...21...but it was only last night that i made the connection:) 

4. the emotion of her songs made me want to beat up any boy that ever broke her heart. 
and possibly hate men for the rest of my life. 
just kidding, mr. lesley. i still love you:) 


5. her voice is pure butter. even with laryngitis. seriously. she sounded incredible.

6. background dancers. enough said. 

7. her dress/snuggie/"jumper". enough said. 
(i can't say it was the best choice, but it sure looked comfy.)

8. there was a woman dancing on me for 2/3 of the show. and although at the time i was extremely uncomfortable, making eye contact with calley and laughing until i couldn't breath, might have made it worth it.


9. i got to dance and fist pump to the fast jams and sway and hold my heart through the slow ballads.

10. i left wanting to be her best friend.
calley wanted to be her big sister.
and we've both been listening to her non-stop today.

if you ever get the chance to see adele live, DO IT.
money well spent.
(or in my case, worth the tears and disappointment and head hung in shame while walking away from an arcade fire concert:) 


  1. this is perfectly stated...what a blissful concert. :) xo

  2. SO CRAZY Jealous. She is here in Portland this week but I cannot go because tickets were sold out AGES ago!
    That is AMAZING that you got free tix to 2 shows! Once again. Jealous.