remember that time...

we thought we were going to the arcade fire concert...
and then we got there and waited in line and got up to the front...
and my paper (that i thought was our tickets) didn't work?

then we walked back to the car and i cried?
then we drove home and i cried?
then you bought me a blizzard and i cried?

that was our saturday night.
and no, we didn't see arcade fire.

note to self: when they say they will send you physical tickets, they mean PHYSICAL tickets.
not a packing slip.
they are different.

a refund is in our future.
and if it's not...someone at the 1st bank center in broomfield, colorado WILL get my wrath.
apparently our names should have been on the list.
although in the box office worker's words, "you got had."


here is a visual of how i felt while holding my word document fake ticket.
and yes i had my student assistant take this picture today.

sometimes life isn't all rainbows and butterflies my friends.
and the best medicine is a blizzard and a good cry.
and a boyfriend who feels really bad that you're crying, and thus, buys you a blizzard.


  1. this is soooooooooooooooooo sad!

  2. I just cried a little bit for you.
    So did boyfriend. We TOTALLY feel for you. But yes, GET the REAL tickets. That's totally my motto!