the pit of despair.

i came home today to find my china journal strewn all over my bedroom floor
in. tiny. little. pieces.

winston destroyed yet another paper product.

and of all the things he could have picked...
he chose one of my most prized possessions.

i am beyond crushed.
and can't stop crying.
(what is up with me and crying this week?)

please make me feel better.
say something that will make me think, "it doesn't matter that the words i poured my heart and soul over are now gone forever and will never end up in my great grandchildren's hands."

ok now i'm just being dramatic...
but you get the point.

winston will be lucky if he doesn't end up back at the animal shelter tonight.
again...dramatic...or maybe not so much.


  1. oh hannah! I can't imagine! so so sorry. at least you still have the video of kan: "with a gun here, and my house here..."

  2. That has to be devastating! Words we write become part of us so it hurts when they are lost or destroyed. Perhaps this would be a good time to find a secure place for your unbelievably wonderful writing so this won't happen again. And, Winston, you had better be contrite!

  3. Oh Winston. I am not sure you should be teaching us lessons...but since you are...maybe learning to let go of certain things we can't have and embracing other things,or something like that...or maybe it's the maybe I should stop digging for China...maybe I go somewhere else...or maybe it's a lesson that consists of crates and peanut butter kongs all day. Yup. I think that's the lesson.


  4. oh my goodness. not cool. :-( i'm sorry, Hannah! at this point, you could probably hire him out as a shredder - except that that would reinforce a rather unhappy habit. i'm sad with you about it.

  5. NOOOOO!!
    Not my guest entry of the Mariah Carey Glitter Meltdown!!

    Thank goodness I just cried over something else equally as ridiculous as Mariah not getting to say goodbye and I love you to her ex-love, Dice...if only I could remember what it was...I remember telling Tony that I should call you so that I could do another guest post in your journal :)

    I miss you, Hanner. You're not having a good week, but somehow everything turns around...it just takes a while sometimes. (Look at me trying to be positive and fuzzy-ish)

    Love you.

  6. Hannah,
    I am sorry ! I hope you are feeling better ! remember that you wont forget something you experience!!!

  7. That totally sucks =( come on over and enter my giveaway...a cupcake makes everyone feel better =)


  8. Aww that is terribly sad! I'd cry too. How insensitive of him!

  9. Sounds lie Winston needs to take a little trip to the "gou rou fan dian" (狗肉饭店). You can google translate that if you want

  10. AWWW that was super rude. Tell Mr. Lesley to buy you a new one (and throw in some Cadbury eggs just for the sorrow).

  11. Oh my goodness, sweet friend, I am so so so so so sorry! :( And no, I don't think you're being overly dramatic. It's okay to cry about things like this. Not as wretched, but I have a slight obsession/love affair with my planners and when Clark was a puppy, I came home to find she had completely destroyed mine. I was heartbroken. Again, not that that can compare, but I just want you to know I empathize and I'm thinking of you today. :(

    Chin up! The sun'll shine again, and Winston loves you even though he does silly puppy things.