the thanksGIVING party: an update.

the days are soon approaching our thanksGIVING party and we are so excited!
over 30 of you have RSVP'ed already!

in anticipation of this amazing event, and to get even more of you to join us in the party, we thought 
we'd dangle a little carrot over your head in the form of our super awesome giveaways. 

not only will there be food and a fabulous location, but we are going to raffle off some 
pretty sweet prizes for those of you who bring canned food and turkeys to donate. 

so without further adieu...our current list of sponsors {and it's growing!}

there are only 8 spots available, so hurry up and RSVP! i would hate for you to regret getting in on all this goodness.

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