kayla and ryan: maternity

i had such a great time yesterday with kayla and ryan, exploring their neighborhood and snapping photos along the way.

they are expecting their first baby in just a couple months, and i am so excited for them.
i have no doubt that they will be amazing parents.
and since kayla and i are in book club together, i know that baby will definitely be a reader! 

enjoy some of my favorite photos from our time together.


  1. Ohhhh I love them Hannah !
    A N D . I am H U G E .
    But I love them + can't wait to see them all !
    k .

  2. oh my goodness i love the location!

    we should do this together sometime, friend.

  3. These pictures are adorable!!! :-)

  4. GORGEOUS. Her on the blanket in the park is just the best. Her smile is a perfect little moment of bliss that you captured! Great job! you are doing amazing at this gig. ;)

  5. these are great hannah! i'm so happy to see your photo presence on facebook too - you little professional!

  6. love it! love that you're moving forward with this dream. wish i could hire you to capture my little fam! how do you feel about being a world traveling photographer?