the very best gift.

somewhere during the wedding planning process, my friend and bridesmaid amy
volunteered to make all the napkins for our 100+ guest list.

not only did she volunteer to help me pick the fabrics and sew them all,
but she also said she was going to make a quilt from the napkins.

today i received that quilt, and it is hands down the most beautiful
and thoughtful gift i have ever been given.
i can just imagine this as a family heirloom. 
it will stay on our bed and someday move into our living room and maybe even be 
given to our children when they get married one day.

it will keep us warm, and it will remind us that we are loved.

it's amazing how much pieces of fabric sewn together with such care can mean in a 
friendship and a marriage and a family and a life.
a gift like this can only come from a friend who is thoughtful and dedicated.
a friend who will work tirelessly to create something so beautiful.
a friend who came into my life in the fourth grade and who won't be leaving anytime soon.

i am so thankful for this beautiful reminder of love, and family, and an incredible seamstress that 
i just happen to have the privilege of calling my friend.


  1. What a beautiful gift! Makes me want to learn to quilt!!!!!

  2. Such s beautiful gift- all that time and love has gone into it. A treasure.

  3. WOW. What an awesome gesture - and beautiful final product!

  4. That is so cool! What a gorgeous gift and story!

  5. i've "liked" this everywhere i could. such a beautiful and personal gift, i know it's one you will cherish forever.

  6. Wow! What an amazing, thoughtful gift! Definitely one that will be cherished for a long time! You have such wonderful friends!