brew at the zoo.

before we got married, everyone gave us the advice to "always make time for date nights."

but honestly, in the back of my mind, it seemed like a no brainer.

we would be married. we would be living together.
 i have to eat. he would have to eat.
we won't want to cook all the time. we will go out to restaurants. 
boom. date nights.

but life seems to be a little more complicated than that and just because you are together and you are eating that doesn't necessarily qualify as a "date night."
sometimes you need something a little more special.

enter our friday night date where mr. lesley surprised me with tickets to brew at the zoo.
a night devoted to animals, craft beer, and delicious food.
i can support that.
oh, and there was a photo booth.
nothing says a good time like donning a pirate hat and a mustache on a stick and making out in a tiny box.
it was the perfect storm of fun, i tell you.

we strolled around the zoo, searching for animals (our finds included: an inquisitive parrot, a roaming peacock, a couple of hippo butts, an elephant trying his darndest to move a tire, and a few adorable giraffes), sampling beers, and stuffing our faces.

we were on our way to ultimate date night perfect until mr. lesley refused to dance with me at the zoo dance club.
not everyone can have my grace and ease on the dance floor, i guess.
maybe next time.

bottom line: date nights are great.
they are special.
and if you're married, you should go on them.
{feel free to thank me later for this ingenious advice and enjoy my documentation of the evening while you're at it.}


  1. That sounds like a perfect date night!!! And you're right, just because you live together and go out to eat together, it doesn't mean you actually go on dates. Thanks for the date night advice. ;-)

  2. I spy a little embroidered cherry in the background of that last photo! ;)

  3. Your pictures of the animals are so good!!