my girls.

there are few things as invaluable in this life as good girl friends.
you know the ones. 

they are the perfect companions for a dinner downtown. 
they dress up, order fancy margaritas without a second thought, and make for the perfect dates.
they walk the streets with you, only tripping minimal times, while knowing just the perfect spot to stop for a model pose and ridiculous laughter. 
they join you onstage for the most epic rendition of "i wanna dance with somebody" (r.i.p whitney), where the crowd is on their feet dancing around the bar and you can't help but say over the mic "this is the best night of my life."  

they dance with you into the morning, join you in making friends with a taxi driver named "ted," and share a nightcap of goldfish crackers to finish out the evening.
they pretend to understand your ridiculous quirks, order way too much food at brunch, and instagram like it was their job. 

they share french press coffee with you, let you sample their food, and tell you when you aren't looking so good. 
they remind you of how loved you feel, that distance doesn't mean a whole lot when your friendship is strong, and that an afternoon of shopping at target is the perfect way to spend a sunday. 
they inspire you, speak truth when you need to hear it, and comfort you when you're being too hard on yourself.

they fly and drive and make time to be with you.
over salads.
and cocktails.
and afternoon football.

they sleep on your couch.
they lay on your bed and get to the heart of it.
they talk about the real and meaningful, along with the silly and ridiculous.

they make life full.


  1. I love you to the moon and back.

  2. Lovely, Hannah. That is an amazing friendship group

  3. How wonderful!!! Friends really are the best! You seem so very blessed with amazing ladies in your life!

  4. I love this post. Sounds like a lovely weekend(!) and I would agree is a perfect way to spend time with your girls.