cherry pie...from scratch...bucketed.

at the beginning of the summer, i wrote a little bucket list to keep the adventures 
coming and to make sure i didn't waste these glorious days.

one of my goals was to make a cherry pie from scratch, and on tuesday, i did it! 
the amazing jenny found this recipe and invited me over to bake in the a.c. 
{because i don't believe sweat is an ingredient in cherry pie.}
our friend mary joined in the goodness too. 
because, really, baking is a team effort.

we pitted, we mixed, we worked our muscles rolling out the dough, we talked about life 
{like the good, real stuff} we learned how to make a lattice {the easy way}, 
and we took waaaaaaay too many photos.

it was pretty much the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.
when this little baby came out of the oven, looking beautiful and like an actual, real life pie, 
i was overjoyed.
so this was like big. 
really big.

if truth be told, this pie quickly turned into my little baby.
i was admiring it and taking too many pictures of it and found myself 
staring longingly into its lattice strips.
too much? 
i'm sorry, i couldn't help myself.

i made a freakin' pie. 
from scratch.
and i was proud.
none of this would have been possible without this lovely lady.
and she even had to transport our pride and joy to our friends house, 
all the while, pie juice spilling all over her pants.
she's the real deal, folks.
from my kitchen {ok, not exactly my kitchen but that's beside the point} to yours.

keep your eye out for this face to be on the cover of a 
southern living magazine at a checkout counter near you!