summer bucket list.

summer is here, and i want to take advantage of every second of it. 
so i thought i should make myself a little bucket list to keep the adventures coming! 

without further adieu, my summer 2013 bucket list...

-ride bikes on the cherry creek trail to the farmer’s market 
-go to a rockies game, eat a hotdog, and drink a cold coors light
-admire the art on Santa fe at the first friday art walk  
-read, read, and then read some more
-bump, set, and spike every monday night at wash park without embarrassing myself too much
-bake a sweet treat and hand it out to all my neighbors 
-ride horses with krista (fingers crossed on this one)
-go on a date with mr. lesley to root down for their 52.80 sunday night menu 
-watch a movie at film on the rocks 
-have a family picnic at wash park
-make a cherry pie from scratch
-have a dinner party without getting nervous that the food will totally suck
-stand in line for way too long to eat ice cream at little man
-swing at the park 
-dance with mr. lesley at jazz in the park
-grab some petey bird ice cream sandwiches at the clock tower on a hot afternoon
-dominate vegas with the kirkegaards
-schedule at least two photo sessions and practice photography as much as humanly possible
-visit the denver zoo
-make a perfect summer playlist
-cook an uber romantic and fancy candlelight dinner for mr. lesley

let the good times roll. 


  1. Fabulous. Enjoy your summer. Counting down the days until the end if term here.

  2. i want to do all of those things too! if you guys ever want some friends to stand in line with for ice cream, we'll be there for you :)

  3. FUN! I want to do the pie/baking ones with you!

  4. Thanks for linking up with us, girl!! Love your list--I'm definitely with you on the dinner party and the zoo!! Can't wait to see you cross these all off your list! :)

  5. I love your bucket list and I hope you're having a great summer so far! I especially love your goal of making a sweet treat for others. That's such a good one + what lucky friends you have! :)

    And you'll have to let me know what's on your summer playlist--I'm always on the lookout for a good song to add to my playlists!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Great list! Came here via the link-up!

  7. Love the artsy Emerson quote! Julie