...and then we got egged.

summer nights.
there's nothing quite like them.

i mean really, there's nothing better than a volleyball game at the park finished off by ice cream at a local spot.
all feels right and good in the world on a night like that. 

well, until you get egged. 

you heard right.
last night, i was a victim of egging.
darn kids.

there we were. 
just finishing up our ice cream and getting ready to head home. 
when all of the sudden, before we knew what had happened, egg yoke covered our legs. 
normally, i would have run after that car with my fists in the air, but even though i run as fast as an african gazelle, the shock was paralyzing and they got away unscathed. 

we cleaned ourselves up while jenny told us, "guys, this has happened to me before."
i guess eggers like to prey on people eating ice cream and those waiting in line for dave matthews tickets {in jenny's case.}

the good news? 
i made scrambled eggs this morning, so the attackers didn't win.
no one can take away my love for eggs, and no one will taint my love for summer.

but friends, stay safe out there.
you never know when someone will throw eggs at your calves. 

don't say i didn't warn you.

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  1. Next time I say we camp out inside Bonnie Brae where it's air conditioned and we're better protected. (Also, I'm glad you're okay and that you're not afraid to cook eggs!)