is there wifi in the wilderness?

{from our camping extravaganza last summer}

today, mr. lesley, sir winston, and i are hitting the open road for some good 'ole camping adventures.

mr. lesley pitched the idea to me a few days ago, and he was so enthusiastic and excited and really wanted to climb a few more 14ers on his list {that i will not be joining him on btw} that i couldn't say no.

 i genuinely like camping, but i also like access to a shower, but sometimes your hygiene takes a back seat to your spouse's happiness {those yet to be married, take note.}

anywho, while we were talking about logistics, mr. lesley told me a few pieces of key information...

-within the past two years, there have a been a few mountain lion spottings where we will be camping.

-when he's conquering 14ers, and sir winston and i are all alone at the campsite, i must carry around a big stick at all times. 

-the purpose of said big stick is to hit any mountain lions if/when they try to attack us. and always aim for the nose.

-sir winston cannot pee anywhere close to the tent, and we will have to keep his poop bags in the car overnight to again, keep away the mountain lions {what about our poop? and i am not about to drive in a stank car all the way back to denver!}

moral of the story: i may or may not make it back alive. 
either a mountain lion will kill me or i will die from the paralyzing smell of my dog's poop.

should be a great weekend.

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