on love.

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dear mr. lesley,

i used to think i knew what love meant. 

and then we got married. 

and even though i'm still learning about this crazy thing called "love," i've realized it's quite different than i thought.

in these last eight months, i've realized it looks a bit more like...

-volunteering to take sir winston out when we get home late
-resisting the urge to throw your dirty socks at you when you leave them in the living room
-giving you space when you are sick
-praying for you every morning on the drive to work
-communicating how i feel, even when i just want to withdraw
-checking out books for you from the library
-admitting that i have no idea how to load the dishwasher
-telling you what i need instead of just expecting you to know
-holding in farts {hey, sometimes the truth is awkward}
-remembering to feed miss louise
-never, under any circumstances, eating cereal while sitting right next to you {the chewing sound will throw you over the edge}
-keeping my elbows in check while we're sleeping
-being forever grateful for your amazing cooking skills
-being forever grateful that you're ok with me not having amazing cooking skills
-visiting all the denver breweries with you
-letting things go, saying sorry, and moving on
-learning the ins and outs of hockey
-getting excited with you when we see a michigan license plate or when you get a really great sale at the grocery store 
...just to name a few.

sometimes love looks like flowers, and cards, and candies, and roses.

but more often than not it looks a lot like a big, fat choice...
that no matter where we are, or how i feel, or what i want...
we're in this together and i'm committed to "us." 
in all the big, little, and somewhere in-between moments of our lives.

and frankly, that kind of love takes the cake.
hands down.

any. day. of. the. week.


  1. Hannah this is so cute! It made my heart all warm and fuzzy :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. a big ol' YES to this one, i agree wholeheartedly with all said things. happy love day to you two.

  3. I LOVED this post! You two are adorable and it's always fun to read your blog - honest posts! (and funny ones)

  4. Let me know when you find it acceptable to start farting.

  5. I totally chose to eat a bowl of cereal tonight in the kitchen instead of on the couch, because I know how much my hubbub hates it. Haha. The things we do for love!