beer, chocolate, and love.

if you haven't noticed lately, mr. lesley has a slight obsession with beer. 
he can talk brews and hops and flavors and aromas and breweries for hours.
{this is not a hyperbole. last night he literally talked about all these things for hours with some dudes. it was awesome.}

and because he's such a beer aficionado these days, i've learned a few things myself. 
a few days ago i called him to ask what kind of beer i should pick up for him and starting spatting words like "IPA...double IPA...white IPA...amber...lager..."
{all this coming from a girl who used to think coors light was the creme de la creme of beers.}

so with that said, it just made sense for us to spend part of our valentine's day at wit's end brewery for their first annual beer and chocolate pairing event.
this wasn't our first time at wit's end.
we've visited a couple times before because of their super friendly staff, unpretentious environment, and    most importantly, delicious beer.

but this event really hit the nail on the head.

men love beer.
women love chocolate {especially on valentine's day}.

put the two together and you, my friend, are a GENIUS! 
the beer was predictably awesome.
{i even liked the more hoppy varieties.}
the chocolate was rich and flavorful. 
and the pairings were spot on.
initially, i can't say i would have picked to spend part of our "romantic" evening at a local brewery, sitting on a church pew, sharing beers over a plastic table, and admiring the decor of red roses in water bottles. 

but isn't that what love is all about?
sometimes love means letting go of what you think or want and being along for the ride with what makes the other person happy.

and, if you're like me, you may find that what makes the other person happy has a funny way of making you happy too.

while we were sitting there talking, and sampling, and people watching,  and laughing, i realized i was having such a wonderful time.

because even though it was a far cry from a fancy schmancy dinner date {i was wearing my north face fleece for crying out loud}, it was very much us, and i wouldn't have changed a thing.

so with chocolate on my face and beer on my breath, i say to you...

to love. 
to romance.
to plastic tables.
and to us.


  1. Beer, chocolate and love. Perfection.

  2. our boys need to hang. and then we can hang. and it will be awesome! i think we need to check out this brewery, stat!

  3. This is how we spend our Valentine's day pretty much every year. Then again my man is the Head Brewer of a brewery and I work at a different brewery down the street from him. Those conversations your man loves to have; we would rock out at. Haha.
    I'm pretty sure we're meant to be besties. Cause also… we love good music (still jealous you saw Sigur Ros), good coffee and hanging out together being silly. Oh and I told you already I can't cook either. ;)

  4. Wait... if you're a Colorado native, Coors Light will always be the creme de la creme of beers.