my luck just keeps getting better.

 photo photo-60_zpscc6d9ce8.jpg
during the middle of my afternoon class, i put my leg up on the bar of a desk and...

it happened. 

i started to feel the breeze where you shouldn't feel the breeze, and i knew. 
any false moves and my students could see a part of me they should NEVER see.
yep, i got a big 'ole rip up the back up of my khakis. 

i called for reinforcement and got this beauty from the office and walked back into my class like a boss.
{it wouldn't be a middle school if they didn't have oversized jean shirts-conveniently large enough to cover my booty- hanging around.}
and my students were none the wiser.

all in a days work in the land of middle school.

is it friday yet? 

{oh, and obviously i made my student assistant take this picture.}


  1. I would have loved a picture of the before (with the breeze showing...)

  2. Is it bad that I am unclear about what actually happened? Do I need to work on my inferencing skills? (That shirt is pretty sweet, btw.)

  3. ha brrill! I once walked out of the staff toliets with my skirt tucked into my knickers...like the 5 year old I am...i wish i was wearing a big ol shirt then!

  4. Hooray for middle schools and their big shirts saving the day! Reading this totally makes me want to keep a spare change of clothes in my future classroom. Just in case.

    So glad your student assistant documented the outfit--you rocked that shirt! :)

  5. It's great when your students don't question fashion like this... as if they just expect it from their teachers.