d.c. with mr. lesley (instagram edition)!

remember when i thought i was going to see mr. lesley in 7 days
yeah, well, hurricane sandy and united airlines had other plans.

i got bumped off my sunday flight, only to be rescheduled on a tuesday flight, only to reschedule myself for a wednesday flight (count on flying in the middle of a hurricane? no thank you.) 

i can't say i didn't start bawling sunday morning when that evil automated voice told me my flight was changed, because...well...bawl is exactly what i did.
but fortunately for me, my sister is awesome and let me camp out at her house for a few days (while making me delicious drinks and eats, no doubt) until i finally got on that flight! 

i was definitely sad and frustrated, but i know a delayed flight is absolutely nothing in comparison to the devastation so many people faced because of the hurricane.
so i had to put on my big girl pants, dry my tears, spend a lot of time in my sweat pants, and move on.

and move on i did.
all the way to our nation's capital. 

wednesday afternoon i touched down in d.c. and was greeted by the most adorable state department intern this country has ever seen, flowers in hand, with a huge smile on his face. 

words don't do justice to how good it felt to be together again.
while he worked on thursday and friday, i explored the city, walking...and walking....and walking.

there was so much to see and do, and i loved walking the city, taking in the history, and stopping at the monuments and museums along the way.
{snapping instagram pics like a mad woman...obvi.}
after he got off work, we would meet to explore some more museums and eat fun dinners around the city.
it was great to be in d.c. but honestly, i wouldn't have cared one bit what city we were in.

i was just so incredibly happy to get to be with my husband...
hold his hand as we walked down the street...
give him kisses whenever i felt like it...
watch a football game together and high five when the lions scored...

just the normal, everyday things of life that make our love so rich.

more of our trip goodness is coming soon, but for now, all i want to say is...

 i am so thankful for my husband.

i am so thankful for how good it felt to just be together.

and, most importantly,

i am so thankful that he's coming home for good in just 6 days! 


  1. our household is rejoicing alongside of you! so happy that he'll be home and in your arms very soon!

  2. I agree with Monica... Everything will be right in the world when Mr.& Mrs. Lesley are reunited!