sayonara sauve.


while the country is abuzz with the developments of november 6, 2012...
i would like to add something equally as important to the discussion.

yesterday, i started to say goodbye to a faithful friend,
and it's time i was open and honest about our relationship.

i use suave.
{or should i say "used"}
and i accept your judgment. 
now that i've seen the light, i'm truly ashamed of myself.

after feeling the shame of showing my stylist the glue like substance that has started sticking to my hair (build up is no joke) and having to admit, "i use a $2 hair product"...
only to hear her respond, "wow" as she thumbed through my hair, and "i just have never seen anything like this before"...

i knew enough was enough.
i had to break ties with the "max hold."

this is going to be tough.
sauve has always been there for me, but the possibilities of a future with bumble and bumble are worth the risk {and the extra $$$...sorry mr. lesley!}

i would like to take this opportunity to thank my sister lele and friend chrissy for their constant distain with my use of suave
and kristy at bang salon for deep treating my mane like her life depended on it.

brighter days are coming.
for me and for my hair.

God bless america.



  1. I love this. I love youuuuuu!

  2. i, like you, also used to only use drug store products on my hair, sometimes i still do, but when my stylist introduced me to the good stuff, i knew i had to find room in the budget for it. what a difference it makes. it's like a drug.

    welcome to the adult world.

  3. Your hair will love you and it is well worth putting it in the budget. Mr. Lesley will learn not to question the hair budget, just like you will learn not to question his REI or other outdoor store budget!

  4. Haha, I love this. I used to use the cheapy stuff too.. and when I started going to an Aveda saloon, my lady asked what I had been using the past 12 years. I hung my head in shame, I had no idea how bad it really was either! On to bigger and better things.

  5. Oh my word. I love you.
    I would totally use the cheap stuff if I didn't have a hair hookup (my friend works for Revlon, ha).

    Also, I'm so sorry we haven't gotten together. I've just been so preoccupied getting ready for baby, and blah, here it is, my due date and still no babies to be seen. I'm hoping she comes in the next day or two? Next Wednesday is the latest, so we have concrete dates...sort of. Feel like meeting up with me and my TWO girls after she arrives?

  6. B&B only gets used in my hair once every three months at the salon. I at least use Herbal Essences. It's $3.50. I tell ya, that extra buck 50 makes a difference.

    Also, I did notice how nice your hair looked today. Meant to tell you!