did you know?

-seven is "neutral" on the pH scale. pure water has a pH of seven.

 -seven years after charles grigg created bib-label lithiated lemon-lime soda in 1929, he changed the drink's name to 7Up, inspired, one theory suggests, by cattle he saw branded with "7" and "u."

-when asked to think of a number between one and 10, most people pick seven

-in december 2006, wisconsin hunter rick lisko ran over and killed a seven-legged hermaphroditic deer. "it's a pretty weird deer," he said before eating it, later adding: "It was tasty." 

-seven is the minimum age at which a UK savings account holder can withdraw money.


-i get to see mr. lesley in SEVEN days!
{my heart is kinda bursting with excitement, that's all.}



  1. I was afraid for a minute that you were going to eat a seven-legged hermaphroditic deer. But phew. You're just really excited about seeing Nick...yay!
    xoxoxox (7 x's and o's. :))

  2. I knew this whole 7 thing had to be going somewhere exciting. You must be thrilled! being separated from your man is the pits!

  3. I just found your blog and it makes me smile!!! Love it and definetly can't wait to read more =)