farewell mr. lesley (a.k.a. this really sucks)

with only two days before mr. lesley left for his 3 month internship in d.c., i had a choice to make...

i could...
a. eat my feelings
b. ugly cry in the fetal position
c. paint the town red while living under the blissful power of sweet, sweet delusion

since i have the next three months to get my fill of a. and b., 
c. was the obvious choice. 

our first stop on our weekend adventure was linger, an uber popular denver restaurant located in an old mortuary.

if you haven't heard,
mortuaries are all the rage these days.

get with the times already.
we had heard nothing but good things about this local hotspot, but i was still a little nervous. 
mr. lesley kinda has an insatiable appetite and fancy schmancy restaurants normally aren't his thing.

but after he saw waffle fries on the menu, it was nothing but smooth sailing.

all the small plates we ordered were absolutely delicious, and i would definitely recommend the 
"coffee and donuts" dessert.   
{thanks for the recommendation kari!}
and as an extra bonus, we got to witness some drama at the table across the way.
the certified looney tunes of the table left halfway through the meal in a cloud of dust.

delicious food and entertainment.
win, win.
saturday morning started bright and early with some good southern comfort food at a neighborhood favorite, luciles...
next on the agenda was the denver zoo.
one of mr. lesley's favorite spots.
and we finally got to see the new elephant exhibit...
and a whole lot more of our animal friends.
continuing our effort to pretend like mr. lesley wasn't leaving in less than 24 hours, we grabbed sir winston and headed to the park where we got engaged.
yeah, we're sweet and adorable like that.
{yeah, i'm probably going to submit that picture of sir winston to purina. 
i think we've got a poster dog on our hands.}
no date would be complete without a couple beers.
great divide, the only place that rivals mr. lesley's obsession with the 
yeti/bigfoot/sasquatch, was our obvious choice.
we ended the day with one of our favorite families, the kirkegaard's.
kjaer is mr. lesley's man crush, monica and i are pretty much the same person, and baby leif is always the life of the party.
we just had to finish off the evening with some sweet action
the best ice cream in the world, hands down.
sunday morning, before the sun was up, i took mr. lesley to the airport.
i cried like a baby and even watched him walk through security, tipping my hat ever so slightly so people wouldn't notice my swollen eyes.

i got it together just enough to drive home, only to lose it again when i walked in the door and saw sir winston.

a little dramatic, i know, but this whole being married but living on different ends of the country is 
just. plain. sad.
{i have gained a whole new respect for people in the military and those they love and fully realize my situation pales in comparison to what they go through.}

so until i get to see my favorite guy again, you can find me...
-texting, calling, emailing, and face timing like my life depended on it
-guilt tripping my friends and family into inviting me over
-working extra hard in my quest for teaching domination
-crying. a lot. {no shame}
but, most importantly,
-being so, so proud of my husband. 
it takes a lot of guts to give up so much to follow a dream.

and if what they say is right, and absence really does make the heart grow fonder, 
i'm pretty sure the next time i see him, my heart will burst.


  1. we love you hannah! you are so amazingly brave and wonderful.

  2. I love you, friend! You WILL dominate this season in your life, even if it does take a few more tissues than you might think...
    Plus, you are not alone! We will help you with 'b' and 'c' for sure. And, watching Survivor with us will surely help you survive!!! :)

  3. Feel free to call. skype, text, me all you want. i have no friends so i will be yourrrr friend!

  4. Love you!!!!! I'm thankful for renewed strength, the patience to live one day at a time, and brownies. When can we Skype?

  5. That really sucks.
    My man and I did long distance the first year and a half of our relationship. A fun way to pass the time is to make one of those paper chains (like in elementary school) and take a chain off everyday till the end.
    It helped me during the long stretches.
    Also care packages full of fun little things between each of you. Coffee, music, books... Ya know?

    If we lived close we'd hang out daily and have way too much fun. Seriously. Maybe I should send you my digits so we can text silly things back and forth to distract you. ;)

    You can do it. But it's ok to be sad. But the paper chain, serious.

  6. wow, what a send off! you two had such a fun weekend.

    let's hang! i'll feed you cookies and chocolate and we won't feel bad about it at all.

  7. Oh, I know how hard that is! If you want to hang out, I live pretty close and I'm real good at eating feelings.

  8. I'm really sad that Nick is gone. But in his absence, can you please take me to this Sweet Action place you speak of? I'm flabbergasted that a non-native knows a good ice cream place that I've never been to. Shame on me.

    I'm gonna go listen to some country music now.