at 6:45 a.m. yesterday morning, i walked into the teacher's lounge....
and there was new friend kim wearing the exact. same. dress. as me.
{no, don't get it twisted. there was no pre-planning involved.}

yes, you heard right...
target fashion circa 2009 was making a comeback, and we were twinsies.

don't let the picture fool you, even though the shade of pink looks different, it's exactly. the. same.

now, it's impossible to have a case of the mondays when you know down the hall and up the stairs you're rocking matching clothes like you did in middle school.
{although this time didn't include an hour long conversation about what we should wear to school the night before.}

perfection at its finest people.

happy tuesday.


  1. haha, how cool is this. once this happend to friends of mine. we came back from holidays and both told me a few days ago that the both bought a beautiful skirt... but not together, everyone by herself and on the first day back at school they both wore the skirt without planning...

  2. Love it! Also, this is a good photo of Kim to share with all your friends who may know someone to set her up with. Lookin' good ladies!

  3. I think they look like different shades of pink because you may or may not use more quality laundry detergent than me.

    Also, Jenny is on a mission. I like it.

  4. Love accidental twins! The other day in the elevator there was a girl wearing the exact same top as me...which happened to be from Anne Taylor about 4 years ago. So weird!

  5. brilliant! hope the new school year only gets better!