goodbye my loooooooooooooove.

we just got word a couple of days ago that mr. lesley was offered an internship with the state department for the fall.

awesome news, right? 

well, it would be super awesome if the internship was in denver.

but alas, the government calls him to washington, d.c.:( 

yep, we will be newlyweds living apart for a few months.
(and i'm all waaah, waaah, waaah).

but when i start to get sad and depressed about him leaving, i think of all the woman who have husbands in the military and that reality check gives me some perspective.

however, i am looking for people to adopt me and sir winston for september-december...
my sister already signed up to be my cuddle buddy and kari will supply me with good eats.

but sir winston is requesting someone to talk to him about sports and body slam him on the couch, 
and i would love someone to take me out on the town and bring me down from my ledges of dispair (see last post for more info on that one.)

any takers?

{for reals though, if anyone has connections in D.C. (mr. lesley needs a place to crash), please let me know. he's super clean and only sometimes leaves the toilet seat up.}


  1. so sad! but you will make it and you won't regret the decision to let him go. We haven't done several months, but we did do a month last year around this time because he had to move for a job and my current job wasn't done yet, so I had to finish out the school year.

  2. boo!! that is sad. Sorry Hanz. I do know several peeps if none of the other options work out. Let me know!!

  3. maybe you should spend the fall in korea. sir winston can chill with doogle, and all will be well :)

  4. Oh No. That makes my heart sad.

    I will come visit. Mkay?

    We will paint our toes, drink wine, watch silly {ahem, AMAZING} shows on TV and talk for hours upon end.

    Oh and lots of junk food. Yep.

    Done and done.
    Big HUGS.

  5. You can be all waaah waaah (you're a girl, you can cry if you want to!), but I promise you will make it! Marsh and I were never married and living apart, but we did do long distance for 2 years, and spent a month of our married life away when I was in OK when my grammie got sick. You will make it. Just do it a lot (SEXXXXX) when you see him. that sounds like we did that when we were just dating, we didn't...

    AND, good news.... DC is 2 1/2 hours away on a bus from Philly and that is where we will be in the fall! And at this point we will have met mr. lesley and we will be buddies. So we can hang out.

    p.s. your relationship is going to be so much stronger after being apart for a few months. for reals, your communication is going to rock.

  6. Heidi, you wise one. I agree with everything she just said! ALSO - I'll take you out on dates! Or we can sit and watch the bachelor together, surely there will be another one on shortly, yes? Let's play. For reals.

  7. Yay for Mr. Lesley but I'm so sorry! That will be tough! I'm up for coffee dates if no one's covering that area yet. :)

  8. it will be tough, yes, so its ok to be whah whah whah...but atleast you know its not for long. you cn perfect your domestic goodess outfit!

  9. we'll adopt you and winston (meaning me, kjaer, baby k, trooper and quincy)! it'll be hard but you have so many people around who love, Love, LOVE you! (including us!) plus, like heidi said, it'll make your relationship so much stronger.