it's hard work being a woman...

because your emotions are tricky.
sometimes they're spot on to how you really feel.
and sometimes they are the result of tricky little ladies i like to call hormones.

and you spend a lot of time (if you are me) sorting through which one is which.

and (if you're also me) a lot of times you feel like a looney tune.

perfect example...

last night i had a meltdown.
i was overwhelmed with well, life. 
and mr. lesley was there for the brunt of it.

it got so bad that at one point i even said (through my tears mind you).
"what if i don't look pretty in my wedding dress?"

oh brother.

and then this morning i emailed him to say that my feelings last night were real and not the result of pms or some other girly thing, so he should take them seriously.

but now, i think they actually were the result of something girly.

and when i tell him that he will be confused.
heck, i'm confused.

and all i have to say is...
it's hard work being a woman.

the end.



    I'm not laughing AT you. These are my sentiments exactly.

    And you will be STUNNING in a wedding dress.

  2. Hannah! I had a similar conversation with someone in the parking lot of work during my lunch break, yesterday. And I was crying :)

    And you will look lovely!! Absolutely lovely!!

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  4. I forgot to add why I was in emotions ... {since you know I just started my jobby job}. I hope it makes you laugh :) My conversation,
    "I feel so guilty for being so tired. It's not PMS. I shouldn't be so tired. There are working moms, single moms, moms going to school that handle this better than me. I just have to take care of myself. I'm so tired I can't even clean the toilet ... waaaaa." Hahahaha

  5. I read your blog post in the midst of my own meltdown/fight with B. Dear Lord. I was a wreck. I don't know if any amount of Avon products (AMAZING pic...) could help me...but venting and reading your blog helps! :)
    P.S. You're so pretty.

  6. oh my dear hannah... the other day you suggested that perhaps maybe you and i are the same person. i couldn't agree more... especially after reading that post. our poor guys can console each other and trade funny stories about the little basket cases that they love (us!).

    at least you are reflective enough to look back and think... hmmm... i don't think those were serious feelings, i think those were hormonal feelings! some women can't do that.

    i have to say... when i have a meltdown and kjaer asks me "what exactly is wrong" and i answer "i don't know, waaaaa!".... that's the first indicator!

    hang in there you gorgeous babe!

  7. I have never been crazier in my life than the 4 months that we were engaged. Poor Scott. He was like, "Is it always going to be like this?" Sadly, yes, dear, it is always going to be some level of this. It's just how we're made!


  8. Right? What if you DON'T look pretty in your wedding dress?! Play this out to its conclusion, my dear. Will he be like: "Oooh, yeah, I'm gonna have to go. I have somewhere else to be..."? And then all your guests will quietly find some way to leave without looking you in the eye? And then you will have to walk home crying in your dress? I know it's easy to find yourself feeling weepy and anxious, but don't get stuck there (I'm sure you don't, and it sounds like he doesn't let you.) You will look so beautiful! And he will be so excited that you are his! And you're right. It IS hard work. ;)

  9. Hard work doesn't even begin to describe it! You will look GAWGUS in your dress, don't fret about that. Girly things will always be a part of your life, and now Nicks. Your body adjusting to BC, and one day to pregnancy, and then after pregnancy, and then "the change", good grief it never ends. Hold on for the ride Nick!