a shower with a view.

this weekend, i had my third and final wedding shower, and it was FABULOUS.
i think i'm getting kinda addicted to wedding showers.
i mean, they have all your favorite people, loads of yummy food, and you get presents! 

waaaaay better than christmas.

i guess i will just have to have a honeymoon baby, so we can have some baby showers next!
(just kidding mr. lesley. you can stop hyperventilating now:)

my dearest friend kari hosted the party with the help of my big sis at her parents mountain home, and it was beautiful! 
there was a perfect spread...
(including my favorite cupcakes from the shoppe in denver...you must go there if you love a good cupcake!)
and a perfect view of the mountains to go right along with it.
everyone settled in with their treats and chatted, while little ben (the only male in attendance) got some extra love (he is such a cute little guy!)
then it was game time.
heather did a fabulous job putting together non-cheesy shower games for us.
(including a "how well do you know your guests?," "name the main ingredient in these drinks," and "how well do nick and hannah know each other?"

i believe this face happened when my soon to be sister in law almost disowned me for not knowing she had a guinea pig named pickles while growing up.
oh and this face was the result of kari's answer for the ingredients in the shot "sex on the beach."
got a little embarrassed on that one.
after games, all the ladies were invited to write some advice for mr. lesley and i as we embark on our journey together.

they came up with some pretty great advice...

"have frequent girls' nights out to refresh, complain, and drink."
 "remember that you two are perfect together. enjoy this adventure." 
 "listen and celebrate."
 "always communicate, even when it's hard." 
 "love deeply, laugh a lot, and be yourselves."
 "wear sweatpants a lot in the beginning so he will be excited when you dress up." 
 "give a compliment every day." 
 "never forget to build in date nights to laugh, love, celebrate, and appreciate each other." 
 "dance in the rain together and revel in life's storms. it's weathering the hard times together that will strengthen, deepen, and solidify your love." 
 "pray together and play together." 
 "don't be afraid to spend time apart and have fun reuniting after said time apart." 
 "the sex gets better." 
 "try to keep things light and laugh a lot."
 "teach nick to say simply 'i'm sorry you feel that way' when you have pms. it works wonders!" 

and my personal favorite...
 "fight naked!"
 then it was time for presents! 
i got really great gifts yet again! 

all the ladies are so generous and thoughtful.
i felt very blessed.

(the etch-a-sketch is to be used when mr. lesley and i need to have a start over...like after a fight, when we've done or said something stupid, or when things are just getting silly and becoming more dramatic than they should be, we can just shake the etch-a-sketch and get a clean slate! isn't that such a great gift. kari is a genius!)
oh, and krista insisted i have a bow bouquet for the rehearsal, even though i told her i'm kinda morally opposed to them (they just look so cheesy.)
she wasn't taking no for an answer though:)
before the shower was over, i insisted on getting a picture with everyone.
i mean, duh:)
as mr. lesley and i get ready to say "i do" i feel so blessed to have such amazing women around me for support, advice, and encouragement.

their friendship is the best gift i could have asked for, although they buy some mean bake-ware:) 


  1. "the sex gets better" Amen to that one! It does. Way better...

  2. definitely a success!
    celebrating an amazing woman who will take marriage on with grace, humor, honor and love--check and check!!!

  3. so sorry i couldn't be there but i'm so glad you had a wonderful time! i can't think of a more deserving girl. can't wait for you to meet your honorary niece/nephew sometime this week. :)

  4. This is adorable! I love the pieces of advice :) I'm definitely in agreement with the "wear sweatpants a lot in the beginning..." haha ;) Hope you're having a beautiful day! xoxo, eliza