happy birthday 'merica!

in honor of this day amongst days, i thought i would pull this photo out of the archives.

it just shows that even a midwestern girl with little coordination can be an olympic hopeful.

and that is one of a thousand reasons why i love our country so much.

happy birthday 'merica.
in the words of tina turner, you're simply the best.

{p.s. wedding updates are coming, so don't you worry! mr. lesley and i just got back to denver a couple of days ago, and i've been cleaning and organizing like the domestic goddess that i obviously am!
i appreciate your patience.}


  1. because i am a dweeb, i have no idea if that is really you or you that is a photoshop pic...?
    Are you a gymnast?

    anyhoo-welcome back!

  2. That photo is amazing!! Were you really an Olympic hopeful? I think this topic deserves a post!!