on edge?

we left bay city all smiles and ready for the wedding weekend. 

well, all smiles until mr. lesley and i missed our turn, he got frustrated, and i blew up.

if i remember correctly i weilded my finger in his face and screamed something to the effect of 
"i'm done! we're not doing this anymore!"
{the getting mad when lost thing, not the marriage thing} 
(backstory: mr. lesley gets visibly upset anytime we get even the slightest bit lost, and apparently i wasn't having any of it!)

to which he responded,
"do you think you might be a little on edge?" 

yeah, well, maybe...just a little.

even when you try to be all cool and collected, the wedding process has a way of turning even the best of us into something of a nutcase.

my bad.

fortunately for us about 5 seconds later i was laughing at my own ridiculousness (although happy that i was able to really drive my point home:) 

we were all smiles when we did arrive in south haven, met my parents for lunch, and i put them to work on some last minute wedding prep.

oh, and we ate hotdogs for dinner and watched cops and murder mysteries in our pjs. 

it. was. glorious.


  1. I can't take this anticipation. Get to the part about how you got married!!

  2. "We're not doing this anymore!" - Did you mean your whole relationship? Were you ready to call off the wedding? I can relate, for sure. Ha.