aaaaaaaand i'm back!!!!!!!

before there could be a wedding, mr. lesley, sir wiston, and i had a lot of things to do to get ready...

::first and foremost, the three of us had to make the 19 hour drive from denver to bay city, michigan::
::sir winston had to be spoiled rotten by his grandparents::
::i had to finish the first hunger games book::
{i know, i'm like the last person in the universe to join the bandwagon, but don't worry, even though it took a little while, i'm officially on board.}
::mr. lesley and i had to spend some quality time fishing at sunset::
::we had to take a family trip to downtown bay city for the art festival::
::i had to test out my new fedora::
::mr. lesley, his parents, and i had to have a coffee date and cheers in the traditional lesley way::
::sir winston just had to find this snake in the woods and mr. lesley just had to come in and show it to me::
{while i watched the vow. i mean, obvi.}
::we really, really, really had to get our marriage license::
::sir winston had to pull out all the stops and be as charming as possible to get as many treats as possible::
::we had to do some last minute wedding shopping at the craft mecca::
::mr. lesley had to mow his parents' lawn::
{his genuine love for mowing lawns is a little strange but mostly adorable}
::i had to spend at least an hour admiring our boutonnieres made by mr. lesley's dad::
and, before i knew it,
::we had to pack up the car and make our way to south haven for all the wedding festivities::
the time we spent at mr. lesley's parents house before the wedding was one of the best decisions we could have made.

the time to just be together and relax was just what the doctor ordered.

it's a little thing i like to call pure michigan.


  1. your wedding details are SO lovely, that sunset looks incredible, and the hunger games rules no matter how late you are to the game. lovely post, dear! xo.

  2. oh sir winston, that picture of you is too cute! but the snake ... the snake can go. I wouldn't kill it, but I would sure the heck let it go ... far far away.

  3. so lovely to see your happy face!

    the wedding prep looks relaxed-hope you are still on a high x

  4. Is that Channing Tatum I see in the background? Good choice...

  5. I'm glad you guys had so much great pre-wedding fun! Hunger Games are amazing. So happy you joined the bandwagon!

  6. yaya for being home! and yay for buying a fedora! i'm glad you found one. Your face thanks you! Now lets hang out!!

  7. You CUTE girl! I'm so glad you're back--can't wait to hear all about it. (I think City O City is in order some time soon.) And I'm so glad that you got some time to chill out and just be in love before the wedding. Definitely a necessity!

  8. Love it! Everything sounds amazing so far!