dj gideo's night of magic.

when my friend christina asked me what i wanted to do for my south haven bachelorette party the thursday before the wedding, i knew the answer right away.


small town, dive bar karaoke.

no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

to me there are not many things better in life than screaming into a microphone with your best girls to whitney houston. 
and i'm kinda a professional at getting even the most reluctant singers to grab the mic and go crazy.
it's pretty much my life calling.

so she called around to some local spots and found one that didn't normally offer karaoke on thursday nights but we could pay for them to call in chuck their dj (who went by dj gideo...obviously) and for a little extra would throw in their male dancer as well.

yes, you heard right. they offered us their male dancer. 

when christina called and asked me what i thought, after laughing until we couldn't breath, we decided to take our chances and surprise the rest of the girls with our male friend.
(this scene was definitely running through our minds the whole conversation)

it was going to be the most hilarious and ridiculous night of our lives.

that is, until...
the city hall heard about the bar's plan and put a kibosh on the dancer.
(small towns these days:)
dj gideo called on thursday afternoon to deliver the bad news, and we were pretty crushed.
(although he did offer to do magic tricks to make up for it:)

however, we knew the show still must go on, so we called and found another place that did free karaoke on thursdays and decided to go there instead.

so after a dinner with my family and favorite girls...
we made our way to our first destination of the evening...
south haven's curve inn.
{ you could definitely cut the awkwardness with a knife when we walked in.}
after making our entrance and going up to the bar, they informed us that they had decided to cancel karaoke for the evening.

are you trying to ruin my wedding?!?!?!

the odds were definitely against us, but we decided to stay for a drink and decide on our next plan of action.

pretty soon after we walked in, and as always, my sister made a new friend.

he started by asking her what his gadget was...
and finished by giving her this card.
followed by the explanation, "it doesn't rip." 
(insert awkward, creepy, old man smile)

wow, curve inn. wow.

we then decided it was probably a good time to make an exit and head out back for a game of bags...
and a few interesting drinks.
(sorry lele!)
we also happened to make some friends and one of the ladies convinced me to take pictures on her motorcycle.

eat your heart out mr. lesley!
even after all this fun, i couldn't get karaoke out of my mind, so we decided to call dj gideo and see if he could still dj for us over at the phoenix inn.
he said "yes!" without any hesitation, and so we were on our way.

when we got there, there was literally no one else at the bar.
(well besides the two guys who just happened to follow us from the first bar...yikes)

a bar all to ourselves? 
don't mind if we do! 

and i'm sure you were all wondering who this mysterious dj gideo is...
well, here he is! 

he was a bit old school when it came to the karaoke-ing though.
if we wanted to sing a song, we had to find it on one of his cds and give it to him.

you would ask, "do you have _________?" 
and he would say, "well, you gotta find it sweetheart."

so we got right to work finding the best tunes in the mix.
calley and i grabbed the mic right away and got the karaoke started off right...obvi.
but it wasn't too long until everyone was joining in on the fun.
{nothing screams party quite like an irish jig.}
including one of the friends we made at the curve inn who joined us at the phoenix and insisted on buying me a shot.
what can i say? 
people love us.
dj gideo didn't want to be left out either.
now remember when i mentioned dj gideo's offer to do magic tricks?
well, he wasn't kidding.
i'm not sure exactly the point of this trick, but i think he took lele's ring in the process.
and then what bachelorette party is complete without a little twister?
yep, this bar had it all folks.
oh and then there was dancing.
a lot of awesome, sometimes awkward, dancing.
finally, we brought the house down with some more karaoke.
{and maybe a little fan dancing...favorite picture ever.}
even the most reluctant, were dominating by the end of the night.
now, i would be amiss if i didn't mention the surprise we found on the pool table toward the end of the night...
not only did this bar have karaoke, magic tricks, and twister, but they were also hosting a garage sale on the pool table.
{not even kidding}
my future sister in law leighann wanted to get me this gem as a wedding gift.
that's real baby hair people.
we definitely closed the phoenix inn that night.
and i'm pretty sure if i had nights like this at least once a month, i would be a happy girl for life.

truly a night for the record books.


  1. that is hilarious-truely-the classiest hen night ever!!! You are, i have to say, the lowest maintance girl ever. looks so much fun!

    PS-SHOUT OUT (see how american i can be?) to your sister-love the dress!

  2. This has to be the best bachelorette party of ALL times! I could not stop laughing when I read this!!!

  3. DJ Gideo is going to be a character in my novel, no doubt about it.