wedding week!

today marks the beginning of  my big sister's wedding week!!!!!

tonight is family dinner.
tomorrow is bachelorette party #2.
friday is nail appointments and rehersal dinner.
saturday is the WEDDING.
and sunday is the post wedding brunch.

it is going to be b.u.s.y. and a.m.a.z.i.n.g! 

i am gearing up for all of the goodness, while trying to finish up my speech (!) and get rid of the huge zit that has decided to take up residence on my neck (when, oh when, will my face make it past middle school?) 

let the good times roll.
(oh, and could you pray for blue skies on saturday? right now we've got rain and a high of 52...and the ceremony is outside...and i'm having none of that!)


  1. 2 massive weddings in one year-amazing! so much fun-enjoy enjoy!

  2. yayaya! so many fun things leading up to the wedding! enjoy every second. your speech is going to be amazing. I'll be praying for good weather, although I think getting married in the rain would be pretty amazing...

  3. That all sounds like so much fun! Hope you guys have great weather :)