sometimes you need to be reminded of truth.
you need a friend to leave a heart postcard on your desk with these words...

Do you know that you are loved beyond measure?
Do you know that you are amazing? 
Do you know that all parts of you, the good, the bad, and the ugly are treasured? 
Do you know that so many people are better people because of you? 
Do you know that during times of challenge and change you are not alone?
Do you know that hope is real? 
Do you know that I love you as a sister and I am beyond grateful for you? 

I hope you know-cause it's all true.


you need to pray and breath and know that God truly works all things together for good and that you are loved beyond all measure.

oh, and you need a student to give you the most amazingly sweet card with a drawing on the front that says "princess ms. devries."

i am thankful that God always knows exactly what we need.