it's true.

the devries/lesleys just bought their very own/very first brand spankin' new car.
and it is glorious.
(and very green. picked out by mr. lesley of course.
the green is growing on me:) 

now for most normal people, buying a new car is exciting.
but, if you're me, and you've always been on the verge of breaking down (literally and metaphorically, but mostly literally) in every car you've ever had,
it's a REALLY big deal.

i went from...

 having my volume go down when i tried to turn it up to...
a touch screen radio/sound system that you can load thousands of songs onto.

a heating system that worked after driving for about 30 min. to...
 HEATED seats (i almost fainted when i found out they were included).

seats full of dog hair (from a previous owner that has never vacuumed up) to...
 the most delicious new car smell to ever fill your nostrils. 

and a car that never started on cold winter mornings to...
 a REMOTE CONTROL START that automatically turns on your seat warmers if it's colder than 40 degrees.
(praise him!)

 so, needless to say, i am thrilled and feel extremely blessed today.
and wish we were taking a road trip like...now.

here's to all the new adventures we'll have together in our beloved green machine!

happy friday lovelies! 


  1. and what a car...very cool...i like the green

  2. That is one glorious machine! I'm picturing you on road trips right now, cute little cooler full of snacks in the back and all. :)

  3. I love that car! It's so different! I'm pretty jealous you've got heated seats and the works now... I'm still stuck in the old car phase over here.

  4. Please tell me you made the salesman take that picture for you.

    You went from a green kitchen to a green car. I want a ride!

  5. That is an awesome new car! Heated seats? Perfect for the winter! And a remote control start is super convenient! Take good care of that car, and it’ll take good care of you. Congratulations, and have fun with your new “family member,” haha!

  6. Congratulations, Hannah! Well, how has your car been doing since its first day? :) I do hope that you’re fond of your new car. :) All the best!

    Dante Mallet

  7. “…and wish we were taking a road trip like...now.”---- This is also the first thing that I wanted to do when we bought our first car. Haha! That feeling of excitement… Woooh! You feel like roaming around the city, everywhere, with a new car with you! :D