wedding planning can be stressful.
and if anyone tells you it's all butterflies and roses, they are LYING!

there are a lot of choices to make.
people to please. 
money to be spent.

sometimes it can feel overwhelming and all encompassing, and it's easy to lose the forest through the trees, if you get what i mean.

fortunately for me, i have a man who likes to remind me of the forest,
even when i want to shake my fist and yell, "but how i decide to do my hair for the wedding could determine the course of our ENTIRE LIVES." 

for me, the "forest" is the start of our new life together.
it's creating our family and moving from "me" to "us." 
and everything else surrounding wedding planning really pales in comparison to that.

so when i got home monday after soccer practice and my mind was reeling with a slew of wedding details, and i was greeted by these...
and this...
i remembered what all this planning is all about...

i get to marry my best friend.

a man who loves me 180 METRIC TONS! 
(and can draw a pretty mean blue whale).

everything else is just details.

not to discredit the details though...
i mean, we just sent out these rad invitations.
(yes, there are poster size and coming to dominate a refrigerator near you.)
so, i guess what i'm trying to say is...

wedding planning is good, but starting a marriage is better.

(only 45 more days!)


  1. 1. flowers for no reason are pretty much my favorite thing ever. 2. nick has a pretty creative edge, artistically, with the whale and all. and 3. your invitation ROCKS, hard. it turned out amazing!

    you're right, marriage is WAY better. and you're almost there!

  2. ditto to everything Kendra said.

  3. PERFECT perspective.

    AND AMAZING invites!!

  4. Awww! This is so sweet! I'm super excited for you guys :)

  5. Your invites are SO COOL. And I think you're going to love marriage. 45 days is not so many days! Hooray!

  6. you're sooooooo close! hooray! the only thing that would make those invitations more amazing would be if nick drew a whale on the back of each one.

  7. Hooray for "just because" flowers! I was actually one of those crazies who loved the entire wedding planning process (but I think it helped that we had a long engagement and lots of time to plan). Hang in there! You're totally right...you get to marry your best friend so it's all worth it.
    P.S. Your invitations are amazing! :)

  8. enjoy every single minute darling!

    the best time of life :)

  9. I love the invitations and the chalk board! It's a great way to remember to breathe sometimes :)
    xx Jes

  10. This is such a sweet post! I imagine planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, but you get to marry your best friend when it's all said and done- I love that!! You still remember what it's all about. Plus those flowers are lovely. You got a keeper!