bachelorette weekend!

this past weekend, my sister, our friend stacy, and i hightailed it to palm beach, florida for a bachelorette weekend of sorts (she's getting married in less than two weeks...OMG). 

during our fabulous weekend we...

::drove this beauty around town::
::soaked up the sun poolside and beachside with delicious drinks in hand (obvi!)::
::enjoyed the view of our pink resort::
::participated in some group games with a fellow high school musical fan::
(oh gavin:) 
::sunk our toes in the sand::
::ate dinner at a delicious and adorable restaurant called the pelican cafe::
::indulged on some incredible dessert::
::got in some good photo ops::
""took advantage of the cloudy skies and got our nails did::
(don't hate on my bling, kari!
::shopped our way through city place::
::enjoyed another dinner out on the town::
::indulged on some sweet treats yet again::
::finished our trip with a trip to see my second love zac efron in the lucky one, lunch back at city place, and some starbies action::
::oh, and my sister spent the better half of her sunday commenting on my frizzy mane::
(gotta love that florida humidity:) 
but, most importantly, we laughed a lot.
i got silly to the point i was doing my trademark woodchuck impersonation at every chance.

and it was the absolute best.


  1. If the bling nail is on your hand, I love it. :)

  2. Looks like so much fun! I love the little bling, that's so clever!

    And those cupcakes are making me so hungry right now. YUM.