the color run.

yesterday morning bright and early, mr. lesley, heather, and myself donned our white attire and set off for the color run.
we made it to the starting line...
watched all the white girls rave...
and prepared to get our walk/jog on.

we found new friend kim,
and other new friend jenny, 
and we were off! 
how does this color run work, you ask?

well, you run (obvi) until you get to the color stations, where volunteers along the sides cover you in colored powder that partially suffocates you for a couple seconds.

it's awesome.
after we got to the finish line...
and took the required group photos...
heather and i searched for more color to drowned in...
and found our way to the stage...
where the real party was going on. 

color, dancing, fist pumping...
it was all there in abundance.

and since we couldn't keep all the fun to ourselves, 
heather and i (well mostly heather:) attacked mr. lesley with some red powder and possibly died his skull pink for the rest of his life:)
we ended up the morning with jumping shots...
(heather wouldn't have it any other way)
and a couple of close ups...
you know, so you could see the beginnings of my sweat mustache.
then it was time to wash up, eat up, and relax for the rest of the day poolside with the towles. 
(oh, and drink watermelon margaritas. thanks tara!)
what a glorious saturday.


  1. soooo fun! your photos capture it perfectly. :)
    xo. blog.tarapolly.com

  2. You and Heather took some serious color to the face. I'm sad that we lost you. Jenny and I decided to embrace the color about half way through the race; but, we didn't stay for the rave at the end.

    And, was that even a 5K? Because it seemed a bit short to me.

  3. now THAT looks like my kinda run. love all your photos! xo.

  4. Looks like so much fun! I don't like to run but I would do that. And so happy you enjoyed the margaritas!!

  5. I was so excited at the beginning! I'm glad you had fun - you got waaaay more colorful than Kim and I did. Also, we gotta introduce Mr. Lesley to Mr. Stockton. Maybe after the wedding. :)