they say it's your birthday...

to the man who...

-always makes great fashion choices
-bought us a new car and lets me drive it (that is true love)
-just dominated his first year of grad school
-draws the most incredible chalkboard art you've ever seen 
-reminds me every day how much he loves me
-has kept his turtle louise alive for 21 years (and counting)
-puts others' needs before his own (we're helping friends move today)
-really listens
-is perfectly content with a burnt hotdog and a galloon of ketchup 
-accepts every part of me (even when i don't understand myself)
-makes me grateful everyday i said yes to our adventure together

happy birthday mr. lesley! 

you are smart, you are brave, and i love you.

now let's party.


  1. That chalk art is impressive (from one chalk artist to another). Is it weird that I do chalk art sometimes? What??

    Also this list is adorable. You guys should get married.
    Oh, wait…

  2. Omgeezy. Those overalls are pretty much the most amazing things I've ever seen.