a boy is moving in.

summer is officially here, and i have spent the past three days getting my apt. in order.
because, if you haven't heard, i'm getting married!
in 16 days.
and mr. lesley is moving in ya'll! 

whoop whoop.

as he's been moving his things in little by little and i've been cleaning and organizing like a mad woman, i've learned a thing or two...

-apparently hearts used in decor make an apartment too girly.
shocking, i know.

-a queen sized bed is awesome.
and waaay better than a full.
sir winton and i are loving the new addition.

-sometimes true love is allowing your future husband to put his massive far side collectors edition book on the coffee table. 

-throwing things away is kind of addicting.

-it feels good to say goodbye to my vcr. 
it was vintage, ok? 
don't judge.

-living by yourself is fabulous, but it can elevate your ocd-ness if you're a control freak like me.
i am learning the art of just letting things go. 
even if that means mr. lesley gets to put up his large 14er poster in our tiny apartment.
(deep breaths)

-and, most importantly, even when you're cleaning and organizing, personal hygiene is still of the upmost importance.
let's just say i looked like a crazy mess and even a hat can't cover that up.
good thing i was locked away from the world.
no one should go out in public looking like that.

so here's to the final stretch, a boy roommate, letting go, and staying clean.


  1. Have you seen the Far Side where a kid rams his horse into a tree and the other kids says "your dad is going to kill you."? You should look it up on that there collection you have on your coffee table...
    Cheers to new beginnings!

  2. haha. still laughing about Kari's comment. ok, the deep breath thing ... I'm glad to hear you got that down. I remember those days. It will pass. I promise. and the queen bed will help.

  3. the final stretch... SEXXXXXXXXXXXYYYY SEXXXX

  4. SO exciting. I'm so thrilled for you!

    I remember when Trev and I got our first apartment together, I moved in a couple of weeks ahead, but I wouldn't unpack anything or use any gifts--not the new sheets or bedspread or anything! When we got back from our honeymoon we did all the unpacking together. Yes, lessons in living with a boy learned.

    (over and over and over again. HA.)

    But now it all just seems glorious and nostalgic!

  5. This is a fun time, believe it or not. Throwing things away is soo fun!

  6. I just learned all of the wonders of living with a boy and while it has some flaws it's mostly wonderful. I've never felt so comfortable, well-cared for or loved. It's great seeing him every morning and falling asleep together very night.
    But watch out for the dirty boy clothes. They seem to multiple in the night!

  7. I was going to leave a comment, but after reading all the others, I realize I have no real advice to give you (read I've never lived with a boy).

    Other than yay for staying clean. And being a control freak!

  8. Really realy excitng
    Love your blog

    following <3
    The Land of Miabelle