i'm a bachelorette! let's have a party!

for my last weekend in denver as a non-married lady, we went out to celebrate, bachelorette party style. and it was amazing.
i pretty much have the best girl friends in the world, and they know how to have a good time.

our version of a good time included (but was definitely not limited to)...

::a dinner of burgers and fries with plenty of time to get pretty
::a lot of bachelorette garb 
::elton john inspired shades
::cupcakes from the shoppe (i feel like this engagement has pretty much been sponsored by them)
::pretty, girlie drinks
::a group of ridiculously fun ladies enjoying said cupcakes
::a lot of presents 
{some a little naughty}
{and some a little more nice}
::skinny poses 
::a whole lot of photo opps
::group photos (have i mentioned yet how much i love these ladies? cuz i really, really do!)
::champagne toasts
::dancing up on some speakers 
(heidi earned the most innovative dancer of the night award)
::old friends (even though they don't always remember you...i blame the shades)
::even more old friends 
(this guy is awesome and ridiculous and always available for a dance at the cowboy lounge
tell them hannah sent you)
{he loved everyone, but especially krista}
::bridal competition
{it was hard to compete with those moves, but don't worry, i still dominated}
::long haul girlies/partners in crime
::a late night stop at two-fisted marios
{this greased up pizza tasted sooo good}
::last, but certainly not least, meeting adam levine!
{well, i thought he looked like him anyway!)
now i'm officially ready to get married! 

{and in case one isn't enough for you, go check out heidi's recap of the evening}

11 more days!


  1. So much fun! It looks like you had a blast.

  2. HANNAH - that guy does NOT look like Adam Levine. I am ashamed of you.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Those cupcakes look so yummy too! I'm glad you have such awesome girlfriends :)

  4. Aww so stinking fun! I actually got butterflies thinking about you getting married. You must be SO excited!