denver beer company.

the weather in denver lately has been out of this world amazing.
the sun has been shining non-stop, and i am soaking it all in.

yesterday mr. lesley decided we should make a stop at denver beer company, and as soon as we pulled up i instantly felt extra hip and cool.

this place is awsome for a couple reasons...
::you can bring in your own food (i indulged on 16 ounces of fro yo. yep. that's one pound, and maybe only slightly embarrassing to admit.)
::they have a graham cracker stout that's delicious.
::on nice days they open up the garage doors for extra patio seating and a cool breeze inside.
::they have board games! (battle ship was our personal favorite)
::you can bring your dog inside!

and mostly, you just feel really in the know and trendy and hip when you're there.
and that's always fun.
even when you just dominated a pound of fro yo.

bottom line: if you like beer and you like sunshine and you like being cool, you should check out the denver beer company.


  1. looks very cool-my kind of place ! (!!!)

  2. this is one of our faves! we NEED to do a double date here!!!

  3. I'm convinced that we would be "couple besties" if we ever were to meet in real life.

    My fella is a professional brewer and we LOVE exploring new breweries. We love to travel, listen to cool bands at small fun shows... and basically dogs like Sir Winston are what we are currently searching for.

    Can we move in together? Hee-hee.

  4. i can't wait until we live there and we can be cool together. because i am the coolest. and so are you. so instant coolness.

  5. I want that fro yo!!!! ahhhh!

  6. I want that fro yo!!!! ahhhh!

  7. Hannah, I love that you get the big sized yogurt!! I will get one and every time I have to tell the cashier
    1. Yes, this is all for me
    2. It's my dinner

    One time there was a couple (it appeared to be their first date) and they picked up the big cup and said, "Who would ever get one this big?"
    I would!! :)

    Now, I want one!!

  8. Sounds amazing! I'm visiting via the Girl Party - excited to be following your blog! xoxo, eliza

  9. That frozen yogurt looks amazing!
    And the fact that they have board games and let you bring your dog inside automatically makes them awesome in my books!
    Found you via the girl party! So excited to follow your adventures!

    Every Day is a New Adventure!

  10. Your blog is adorable! I wish I could get married all over again. What a fun bridal shower! Found you via Nicole's Girl Party. I look forward to reading more and getting to know you better. :)

  11. miss hannah
    im lovin the constant flow of blog updates!!!!!

  12. i LOVE fro-yo. just had some tonight and it hit the spot :)

    andrea brionne

  13. 1. You had me at graham cracker stout.

    2. hooray for teachers!

    3. love that you live in Denver. One of my very best friends just moved back there (after a brief stint in Chicago). I keep saying I need to visit and it's true! I do!

    So nice to meet you Hannah! Thanks for saying hi today! :)