while amy was in denver, she...

-helped me pick out a vacuum (fancy dyson, what what!)
-reminded me of the goodness of freshly ground peanut butter from whole foods (sometimes you gotta spend a little extra $$$ for the good stuff)
-taught me how to slice and dice with the best of 'em (that girl can cook!) 
-shopped til she dropped at silver jeans (nobody can resist my sister's retail prowess) 
-indulged at the cherry cricket ("guys, i'm going to get my burger with cheese AND bacon!")
-walked sir winston with me at wash park ("ladies, is this your first time in the park? you're walking in the bike lane"...whoops:)
-window shopped her way down broadway (my favorite street in denver)
-sorted through fabric and helped me nail down some patterns for the wedding (she is making all of our napkins and will use them to make a quilt...how cool is that?)
-experienced the joys of sweet action ice cream (the best ice cream in denver, hands down!) 
-finished a whole beer at vine street with kari and brian (two of my favorites!) 
-spent her last night in denver with calley, aaron, mr. lesley, and myself chowing down at carmines on penn (i can't believe this was our first time at this neighborhood gem!)

a friendship that started during 4th grade orientation has blossomed into so much more!

love you ames.

thanks for gracing denver with your loveliness.

can't wait to dominate nyc soon!

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  1. sewing fancy wedding napkins into a quilt is such a genius idea!! that is going to be amazing!