showered with love.

i knew when i received the invitation for my shower in michigan that it would be something special, but i had no idea just how amazing it would be. 

from the second i walked up to mrs. lesley's house, the time and effort she and mr. lesley's aunts put into the day was evident.

every little detail was perfect.
it felt like anthropologie took over her house for the afternoon.

i'll let the decor speak for itself...
lovely, huh?
the paper flower was my favorite! 
so beautiful.

after admiring all the decorations, everyone sipped on their delicious daiquiris (i even got a special cup)
and settled in to hear mr. lesley's aunt and godmother share a very sweet toast, including some great stories and...
a classic picture of mr. lesley.

she made a point to tell me he did this all by himself. 
if our kids are anything like us as children, we will never lack entertainment.
after playing some games...
(with the most adorable pencils you've ever seen in your whole life!)
and eating some delicious food...
(have i mentioned that they really outdid themselves in every area?)
it was time for me to be completely overwhelmed yet again.
i'm pretty sure i am well on my way to becoming a domestic goddess. 
watch out betty crocker. 
i've got a rolling pin, and i know how to use it.
and if all the incredible gifts weren't enough, mr. lesley's cousin colleen (who i am convinced should become a wedding planner) cooked up this little notebook of everything anyone could ever possibly need to know about the wedding.
i've got some work to do to fill in all the pages, but once this baby is done, there will be no detail left out, no rock unturned, no person without a job to do.
this wedding will run like a well oiled machine.
or something like that:)
the delicious eats continued with dessert including cream puffs (a family recipe) and heart shaped whoopie pies. 
i died.
and before the festivities came to a close, we had to get some photo opps in (of course!)
these are the lovely ladies who put everything together.
(mr. lesley's aunt carol, his mom, and his other aunt carol:) 

i can only hope i can be as amazing as these women when i grow up:)
good thing they will be my family soon!
they are some of the most incredible women you will ever meet.
no lie.
mr. lesley made an appearance at the end to score some leftovers and get in on the fun.
as long as there is good food, mr. lesley won't be too far away.

have i mentioned how fun it was to have amy there for the festivities? 
it made the day even more perfect.
i spent the rest of the day in my pjs, chatting with amy and mrs. lesley about wedding plans 
and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be blessed with another generous, loving, supportive family.

they sure know how to make a girl feel extremely loved.

and remember...
this is just a taste of the wedding goodness that's only a couple months away.
this family doesn't do anything sub par.
get ready.


  1. Heart shaped whoopie pies?! Serious?! That alone makes it the best shower.

  2. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you (I totally would have invited myself if I was in America)!! So glad it was so special :)

  3. Will there be heart shaped whoopie pies at the wedding? If so, I need to book a ticket. Like, yesterday.

  4. I am feeling some serious bridal shower envy. That paper heart! Swoon.

  5. And by heart, I meant flower...

  6. What an amazing shower. They really put Thought into details. It looks amazing.

  7. What a beautiful shower. I have never seen a shower that lovely in real life. I am super happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  8. Oh my gosh, what an amazing shower! They really did a great job with everything. I'm so glad I found your blog through Nicole's girl party and I can't wait to get to know you more!

  9. Wow that is amazing!!!! I love all the decor and that food looks amazing!!