heart to heart DETROIT.

{this post is dedicated to milo eisenstein}

so there i was. 
getting off of my flight in d-town. 
just strolling down the jetway.
when what do i see?

my friend who was supposed to fly to denver later in the week was standing at my gate with a big smile on her face.


mr. lesley is quite the sneaky one and arranged for amy to come to detroit and join me at my bridal shower and then fly with us back to denver.

i was in shock.
and super pumped! 

she had flew in a few hours earlier and just hung around the terminal and waited for my flight to get in.
what a trooper! 

after i pushed her, said "what?" a lot of times, and looked generally confused,
we made our way to mr. lesley.
where i repeated the pushing and confusion:)

it. was. the. best.

next we made our way to mr. lesley's cousin milo's house and then we were off to downtown detroit.
to meet up with the rest of the fam, have dinner, and then drive to mecca.
a.k.a. joe louis arena. 
i was a little hesitant to go to the game because i was convinced i was bad luck for the red wings.
both times that mr. lesley and i have seen them in denver, they lost:(
but i took my chances and went into the arena with high hopes for their success against the carolina hurricanes.
and because milo is awesome, he got the four of us second row seats! 
i don't think i will ever be able to watch a hockey game any furthur from the ice.
i've been ruined forever.
thanks milo:)
hockey is already an intense, exciting sport, but when the players are slamming their heads against the glass only a couple feet from your face, it's even better!
and to have amy sitting next to me was the absolute best.
they even had some proposals thrown into the mix.
(in a professional sports, jumbo-tron sort of way:)
things started to take a bad turn and before we knew it, the wings were down 4-1.
i was convinced my theory was spot on.
BUT then the spirit of the mighty ducks took over, 
and the wings started coming back.
we were pumped.
in between the second and third periods, we went out to meet his other cousins who didn't get such good seats. 
but we had some empty seats near us, and they were able to come down with us for the last period.
and it was in the last period that the red wings went from being down 4-1 to winning 5-4.
the whole city of detroit rejoiced.
before we left, we got in some good photo opps...
with this one being my favorite.
("hannah, i need a picture with you for heart to heart!" -milo)
after the game, we went back to megan and adam's INCREDIBLE apartment.
they are seriously so cool.
i was just a tad bit jealous.
one day i will have a place with brick walls. 
one day.
and we ended the night with some slows bbq.
where i tried my best to enjoy the eats while simultaneously whispering expletives to my stomach who just couldn't keep up.
blasted stomach.
.heart to heart. detroit was quite a success.

thanks to a sneaky surprise, milo, the red wings, a great group of cousins, and finger licking bbq, i was one happy girl.

next up: a bridal shower for the record books.


  1. love this--cheers to milo for knowing how great heart.to.heart really is...

  2. wow-the apartment with bricks...not envious at ALL! x nice surprise :)