not my finest moment.

hey mr. lesley,

remember that one time i was trying to make this and decided it was a good idea to put a spoon in the blender, while it was still running?
and my banana cocoa powder concoction shot all over my face, all over the floor, all over the ceiling, and sir winston was in heaven?

and you stared at me with the most confused face i have ever seen?


do you also remember when you told me it was probably best to just let this recipe go and move on? 

but i didn't quit, and we enjoyed a healthy little dessert after i cleaned off my face and the rest of the kitchen?

i may not always use my brain, but i'm definitely persistent.

what i'm really trying to say is..
thanks for loving me no matter what i stick in the blender:)


  1. we're so much alike. it's kinda scary. was it delicious?

  2. Seriously laughed out loud reading this!! That is a classic Hannah moment in the kitchen!

  3. Hannah, I love this!! Last night I had a cooking disaster. Ironically, I posted how I love cooking. Blah. Blah. Blah. But last night black bean juice splattered all over me, I sliced my thumb on the lid of the can, and was bleeding all over :/ I went through 3 Band-Aids and had blood all over. Not pretty.

    So, we can't give up on cooking. Injury and splatters and all :)

  4. Oh I have TOTALLY stuck a spoon in the blender while it's running. HA.

    I've gotten a couple emails re: the blogger meetup. You? I'd say we start setting some deets and then I can contact Zoe and Melanie too.


  5. That blender looks like it was made in the same year as the cassette player in my classroom...

  6. totally sounds like something i would do too! :) love it!