denver bloggers unite!

this past sunday afternoon i met sarah who writes over at reverie (and a myriad of other spots) for some coffee and a power waffle (it was SO good) at city o' city in denver.

the weather was incredible (sun shining, blue skies, slight breeze) and our little date was equally as great.

we found out one of her best friends from college is from my hometown (and i actually grew up going to church with her), we both grew up in an assemblies of God churches, our youth groups were both pretty intense (yes, we both destroyed our "secular" music growing up), we're both from the midwest, and most importantly, we both love blogs.

(yep, we're pretty much the same person:)

so, we decided it was high time to have a denver bloggers meet up!

so, if you...
1. live in denver (or somewhere close)
2. have a blog
3. want to hang out with some pretty cool girlies
comment, email, send a smoke signal, whatever, and we will get our little shindig on our calendars.

i, for one, think it will be fabulous!


  1. So in!

    And can we go back to City O' City? Mmmmmm.

  2. Now, I'm curious who her best friend from college is.

    Love a fellow/former secular music destroyer :)

    Have a great meet-up. Wish I lived in Denver!

  3. YAYYY! Loved hanging out with you girl! I'll link back to your post this afternoon. Let's get this blogger meet-up rolling! :)


  4. I have been thinking about when and where to do JUST THIS. Thanks for instigating! I will be there!

  5. Well if Jenny's going, I can't be left out. Will people judge me for having a private blog? Never fear, I was just thinking TODAY that I'm going to start a new one and title it "Shameless Admiration".

    It will be just like "Cute Guys of the Week" only with actual pictures. I'm just going to start asking these men to take their pictures.

    Now, all I need is an iPhone.

  6. in 2 months I will be a Denver blogger for 3 months.

    That was confusing to type.