you've got mail...and other happy things.

when i saw this post a few weeks ago, i knew i had to make my own for mr. lesley and myself.
i mean, how can you resist such adorableness from the target dollar spot?
but i didn't want it to be only for valentine's day. 
i need cuteness like this around me the entire year.
i have this on my bookshelf, and whenever we put a little something for the other person in it, we just stick their magnet on the front and put up the flag.
instant happiness.
you should probably go get one at target asap.

last night was jammed packed with other happiness...
the skinny enchiladas and
tex-mex couscous mr. lesley and i made for date night
(i don't know what's happening to me. i think i may actually like cooking.)
my chinese slippers i still wear just about every day
this song by kari jobe that i've been listening to over and over
the flowers from mr. lesley that made my hard day so much better
and, of course, sir winston
his butt shake and underbite always make me smile.
here's to hoping your days are full of happy things.


  1. I love your mailbox. Umm... may I have your enchilada recipe? :)

  2. LOVE the mailbox! Can you please give me a warning before you post pics of any type of Mexican food? ahhhh. I'm dying over here! I want to jump into that dish of enchiladas and just roll around in it while inhaling the whole thing. Is that gross?

  3. Those enchiladas look great! Did they taste good? And healthy? I might force you to make them on an upcoming Monday night. You know, like an admission price.

    Also? That mailbox idea is amazing. You are too cute for words.