any advice?

tonight mr. lesley and i have our first pre-marital counseling sesh with our life gurus, the wilsons (aka our pastors).

i thought, in the light of getting this show on the road, i would ask if any of you have any marriage advice you'd like to throw our way.

i'm sure this book we're reading will be chalk-full of wisdom, but i'm sure you've got some nuggets of goodness.

so, whatcha got?


  1. Best advise we were ever given was by our pre-marital counselor - He said that everyone spends 6 months before the wedding getting counsel, but everyone should spend the 6 months AFTER you are married getting counsel. So, I would say...invest some money in GREAT counseling after your wedding day. BEST thing we ever did for our marriage. Hands down. Steph :)

  2. Let's see....best advice I can think of...
    1. don't expect him to be like another girlfriend that you have roomed with. let him be a man.
    2. i know everyone recommends books, but when i was at focus on the family, they had us read "Sacred Marriage," and it has stuck with me so much. Main message is that marriage is meant to make you holy and more like Christ, not happy. (although there should be happiness in there too, just not the main motive).

    SO excited for you Hannah!!!!!

  3. We go to Tim Keller's church here! He and Kathy had a discussion panel when this book came out that we went to, and although I haven't read it, from what I heard that night, I imagine this book would be a fantastic read!

    This advice isn't really mine (it's just from the Bible!), but I would say for you both to really study what your Biblical roles are meant to be in your marriage, what God intended males and females to be, and embrace those roles as tightly as you can. If we try to live up to what God intended us to be instead of trying to make each other live up to what we *think
    * they should be like, it becomes much easier to live as one.

  4. I love this topic!

    The words that have meant the most in our marriage are from Colossians 3:2, "Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things." It really helps us keep perspective. We also don't let each other throw fits. We try to tackle issues right away instead of letting them fester... We also laugh A LOT. And Peter has taught me amazing things about what it means to be a servant. I am constantly learning from him. Serving the other person is a really, really powerful thing.

    Peter's advice: "Keep Jesus at the center, and you'll be fine." :)

    You and Nick are so great together. I'm excited for you to start your married life together :)

  5. 1. Don't go to bed mad, even if it means you go to bed at 2:00am.
    2. Your relationship and how you work things out or do things in your house will look different from other people. if it works for you, keep doing it.
    3. Don't be passive aggressive. If you have something to say, say it. not in code, not in body language.
    4. Know each other's love language so that in busy times you know how to connect quickly and efficiently.
    5. Learn to laugh at yourself. This comes in handy during a disagreement. :)
    6. Have sex often, even when you're tired. :)


  6. space sometimes
    closeness often
    talk about everything

    --but then again, every couple is different! :D