snowshoes, save the dates, and senior pictures.

this weekend, i learned...

-a friday night in with mr. lesley is always the best option. 

-sir winston loves the bath mat. what a strange animal.

-early morning starbucks and an rei garage sale are a delightful way to start a saturday. and my new $40 snowshoes were the icing on the cake. 

-i like thrifting for treasures with ally jones.

-addressing save the dates is not the most fun activity, but checking something off my ever growing wedding to do list felt pretty dang good.

-even when i am upset with mr. lesley and i deem us in a fight, he goes and does something adorable and i can't stay angry no matter how hard i try.

-the mexican chili chocolate beer at the copper kettle brewing company is also pretty dang good. 

-skinny jeans look awesome with hiking boots. 

-dogs and crotches just go together. it's pretty much a fact.

-nancy and justin keith know that a delicious lunch, some photoshoot action, and a little hike make for a great sunday afternoon.

-sunday night fro yo with new friend kim really hit the spot.


  1. there was a garage sale this weekend?! can't believe we missed it, nice score on the snowshoes!

  2. ugh! missing denver...NOW! Xs and Os, friend!