cuddles and huddles.

i am so thankful for my church small group (a.k.a. missional community) .

we eat.
we laugh.
we pray.
we talk.
and we laugh some more.

they are great.
all of them.
salt of the earth type.

and i love 'em.

(and, in case you were wondering, i like made that fancy asparagus pictured above. yep. i'm fancy. and i cook. no bigs.)


  1. that is some super fancy asparagus!! and catch phrase is one of my all-time favorite games. it always makes for a fun night!

  2. do you happen to attend Solid Rock?? (I only hear my SR friends says "missional community", and my husband and I are trying to find a house church too!) I came across your blog from Jamie's blog - you and your guy are super cute together! :)

    well enjoy your weekend! :)