"did you cut those carrots all by yourself?"

last night i made dinner.
like start to finish (we won't count the onion i couldn't cut without sobbing. i had to call in reinforcement for that one). 

i think i've emphasized how much i struggle in the cooking department, but last night my stir fry hit it out of the park. 
now for most of you, stir fry is no bigs. 
but for me, it's a milestone in my journey to become a wifey. 
and i think i can officially add it to the 4 things i can now make as a meal.
(pasta with red sauce and turkey, chicken salad, tacos, and the ever faithful breakfast for dinner).

baby steps, right? 

mr. lesley and i enjoyed the rest of our date night with some hot chocolate and a couple episodes of dawson's creek. 

and i stayed awake for most of it:) 

watch out world....this girl is well on her way to making a meal and staying awake for a whole movie.


  1. I'm so proud! AND I struggle in the cooking department too.... I swear, we are one in the same! Stir Fry is one of my go-to meals. Also salmon. I have dominated that one.

  2. Two things:
    1. i love dawson's creek
    2. this looks delicious. good job

  3. Congrats on your stir-fry! I use to be cooking challenged. I am a recovering Lean Cuisine eater. I didn't even cook. But I have kept practicing and it's working! Now, I actually like it :) I think you will too!!

    PS. If we lived closer - I would chop the onions for you. I am the family onion chopper. For some reason, I am immuned.

  4. what's your secret stir-fry sauce?

  5. Ok - you have an "Anonymous" that reads your blog? I think you have officially made it as a blogger. I mean, you could go on the Bachelor, and it could say, "Hannah, 26, Rockford, Illinois, Blogger".

    (Notice how you can't claim to be from Denver.)

    What this comment really was supposed to say was... You also know how to grill a hot dog on the stove top. Give yourself some credit.