this weekend, i...

enjoyed some much needed qt with my sis over pizza, wine, apple pie, and unpacking, passed out baskets of joy with mr. lesley and some other church folk to some amazing elderly people in our neighborhood, dined on moe's bbq for the first time and am now an official fan...
hung out with sir winston (i mean, obviously), went to the laundromat for the first time (where else is a girl supposed to wash her comforter these days?), ate fro yo with new friend kim (i mean, obviously part II)...
enjoyed a delightful girls only christmas party, overdosed on sugar, and reveled in the holiday spirit (thanks sarah!)...
and finished it all off with an adorable christmas play (nothing makes the season bright like littles dressed up and singing their hearts out to a crowd of proud parents), braved ikea with my faithful partner in crime becca, lost my keys (and had a minor freak out), found my keys in my sister's boot (yeah, i don't know either), and finished the night arranging my new ikea purchases (have i mentioned i have my very own apartment, because i do! i'm officially a grownup:)
this weekend was full to the brim of goodness.
and finishing it off with a little breakdown just made sense.
(keep your friends close, and your keys closer!)

hope your weekend was equally as fun, but not quite as dramatic.


  1. I have a feeling I've got several freak-outs in my future. wish you could meet me in korea and help me make our new place (wherever that may be) feel more like home.

  2. I love how you captured your weekend....photos like these always end up my favorite!