cry baby.

my dear friend ally once told me about a theory she has, and it goes a little something like this...

once you get into a serious relationship, you become a lot more emotional. 
before you may have held yourself together well, but once you find someone you feel safe being vulnerable with, you let you guard down and sometimes that means that you cry more than you did when you were single.

and i totally agree.

since dating mr. lesley seriously, i have become more of a crier than i thought possible.
i used to cry once, maybe twice, a year, and now, well, it's a little ridiculous.

last night i even told him, "it doesn't even matter when i cry anymore. it doesn't even pack a punch like it used to. now, you just think, 'oh, she's crying again..."
(oh, and i did i mention i was crying as i said this?)

now, don't worry, i am not on the verge of a life crisis or anything, i think i'm just realizing it's ok to not always have your shiz together.

and if you're sad or upset or just in a bad mood, you can cry it out.

now, i have to know, is there anyone else who has become more of a crier after getting into a serious relationship? 

please, if so, tell me, so i know i'm not alone in the S.S. basket case.

we can start a group. and make t-shirts. and cry.
it will be AWESOME.


  1. oh man was i the same way. I remember always thinking, "What has happened to me? Am I actually going crazy?" Anyway, it does get better and thankfully, when you've got a solid man, they stick by your side and carry you through.

  2. Ummm well put!! Story of my life! Matt doesn't even believe me that I never used to cry! Now I just try really hard to hold it in...yah that doesn't work either, makes it look and sound weirder than it would have. ~Leighann

  3. Girl. I cry at things that make me embarrassed to even say. I fully agree with you. And being engaged and planning a wedding is just the icing on the cake... I try and blame mine on my birth control, I say it makes me extra emotional. Marshall says I was like this before we got married....

    Let's make t-shirts. My parents own a screenprinting business. We can make this happen.

  4. Love it! I will totally wear that shirt. :)

  5. We could call it "The Town Criers Club" I am so totally in! Love and miss you guys at West!

  6. 1 t-shirt please.

    Cryer like a mo-fo. Party of 1.


    THANK you for making me giggle.