pho...you complete me.

last night mr. lesley and i tried out pho for the first time.
and let me tell you, it certainly did not disappoint.

the delicious spring rolls, bowl of noodles bigger than my head, and shake bubble tea were out of this world.
if you live in denver, you should definitely give pho duy a try.
they really know their pho.

happy wednesday.


  1. that looks delicious!!! I have always wanted to try it pho! I think I'll make it a point next time!!

  2. i've never tried it either! (but have heard many good things) we'll have to check it out.

  3. Marshall took me to pho on our first date. I wanted pizza/hamburgers, and he took me there. At the time I hadn't learned how to use chop sticks (no china yet). He made me try tripe I almost threw up, and I even finished the date off with FLOSSING at the table. Surprising he wanted a second date... Oh pho, the memories.